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We provide expert training assistanceA wise old fire chief we know used to end every training session with the phrase,"pass it on." The idea was that he had shared an idea that might help you to do your job better or to keep the brothers safe and it needed to be passed on to others outside of the class. Too often we learn something and keep it for our own personal use instead of sharing the idea with others that might benefit from the knowledge.

Fired Up Training Services LLC is devoted to passing it on and publishes a free semi monthly newsletter to share ideas on fire, hazmat and EMS operations as well as ideas for training drills that you can hold at your firehouse. It is our goal that all firefighters stay safe through continuing education and updating of skills. We are fortunate to meet thousands of members of our profession each year, all of whom have tips and ideas about the job. We want to share what we learn with you.

Sign up for the newsletter and we will notify you each week when the Never in Vain Drill is posted on our bulletin board. The Never in Vain Drill is a brief training bulletin that you can download each week and learn important life saving information based on a firefighter who died in the line of duty. These are and always will be free. Share the information you download with the members of your company.

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